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The New You - Life After Lockdown

  The New You - Life After Lockdown After the latest announcement, it’s clear to see that we will soon be expecting more patients back into the practice setting. With 2020 proving to be a year of challenges, we’re having to make some changes to the way we all work.  It’s not uncommon for patients to see the dentist as a stressful and uncomfortable experience, with or without a pandemic. Therefore, ensuring the patient's journey is comfortable is key. There are several ways to improve your waiting room experience, reduce anxiety and help encourage patients to return.  Here are our top tips for improving your waiting room, ready for the ‘new normal’. TECHNOLOGY Whilst many practices offer free wifi while you wait, you’ll receive a much better response installing waiting room TV . Keep your patients up to date with your services and offers, in a modern and informative format that keeps them entertained. Importantly, you can use this technology to ensure your patients understand the pr