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MEDiVision’s new downloadable Social Media content

Are you using social media to engage with your audience, educate them and spread the word about your business and practice promotions? If so, you will know the power of video content within your social channels and the effect it has on engagement levels. Did you read our previous blog on the benefits of video marketing ? “Video is 50 times more likely to achieve organic page  ranks in Google than plain text results” Articles, posts and content with videos will attract almost three times more inbound traffic compared to a text post. Posts with all three media types – images, video and lists will attract nearly six times more inbound traffic. So, if you haven’t yet invested in video marketing, it’s time to do so now! With this in mind, MEDiVision has created new downloadable video content for your social media channels, to help you enhance your SEO as well as educate your clients about processes, procedures and offers. Proven to catch the eye of your potential clients leading to your pra