Your website - the window to your practice

The dental profession is growing to understand that in order to provide best practice, the patient journey from enquiry to treatment needs to be seamless. That takes the dental team beyond the clinical and into the realms of effective communication that often starts with the practice website.

You should view the website as one of the first chances that a practice will get to make an impression on potential patients, who will expect to learn more about who you are, what you do, and how well you do it.



What’s more, the standard of the website – rightly or wrongly – is perceived to reflect the standards and principles of the practice. For example, is your website modern, mobile friendly and easy to use, or is it outdated?
Even when websites have some of the attributes mentioned, there may well be room for improvement. For example, nowadays many visitors to your website will prefer to see animations and videos, over and above any text. At MEDiVision, we’ve been able to measure that the average time spent on a page populated with our animations is double that of a comparable treatment page that is more text heavy.



With modern technology comes new patient expectations and these can sometimes take resources away from your dental team. Quite understandably, when time is short the practice prioritises clinical care and often pushes the website review and administration to one side.


However, MEDiVision’s website videos offer a novel way of adding life and movement to your website, whether your patient is viewing at home on their PC or in the park on their iPad. This is a quick and effortless way to improve the educational content and engagement level of treatment pages. A site populated with these increasingly popular videos requires little to no input from the dental team.

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