Driving Habit Change


Dentistry may have continued during this pandemic, but how will the ‘new normal’ impact our more nervous patients? 

  1. TRUST

Dentists have a duty to make their patients feel comfortable. Trust is a big thing, especially for nervous patients. There are different ways you can help patients learn to trust you and your practice. Be that talking your patients through each step of a procedure, with the help of animations, giving them the control to see what's involved, ask questions and understand the treatment. 

Additionally, patient testimonials will always help new patients believe in the practice and trust the process. Video testimonials via your website are a great method to quickly showcase others' experience. Once patients begin to trust you, their habit to avoid the dentist will soon disappear. 


We are spending more time online and it’s only right that we use our digital channels effectively. Updating your practice website with informative, step by step videos on treatment procedures will help educate patients to have a better understanding of any work they need or are about to have done. Sending emails to patients to update them on practice news, educational tips and tricks or anything that can help keep your patients informed, is always beneficial. Not only will this save time at the chair side, but help them to know what to expect.

We educate patients via our digital channels, but also reinforce the message by sending patients home with leaflets and educational flyers too. Offering as much knowledge to the patient as possible, is the best way to help reduce any anxiety or nerves.


It’s a concern that patients may be too anxious to return to a dental practice. However, it is important for patients to return to maintain optimum oral health. Making your patients aware of the changes you have installed in light of COVID-19, will help ease their minds. Providing patients with information, in a format they understand and are more likely to read is vital. Some patients prefer to see pictures, some models, videos and others just like to listen. Learn to appreciate which method works best for each patient and keep them up to date accordingly. 


Whilst we are essentially trying to educate patients on the procedure and best practice, it’s still important to keep it light, fun and something that will actually encourage them to make a difference. Brushing Apps, How To Guides and Instructional videos are modern and easy ways to prompt habit change and help the patient to become confident with their methods.

For children, it’s not always as easy to grasp their attention. Quizzes, games or activities to encourage them to brush their teeth are the most effective. MEDiVision has a range of childrens quiz videos, ideal for the practice waiting room or for your website to help educate and encourage good dental hygiene.

In light of all of these ideas, keeping patients’ mind at ease should be a priority. It takes 21 days to change a habit. Therefore, if you focus on the areas that need the most influence, you can ensure patients are returning to practices happy and comfortable in their ‘new normal’.

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