Technology is always evolving and as your appointment system, equipment and processes evolve with the times, it’s important to remember that your waiting room needs to keep up too. Your waiting room is one of the most useful tools to educate patients, put their mind at ease and promote treatments and services to them. 

Our guest author Dr Anup Ladva, highlights the five key benefits of investing in your Waiting Room TV:

  1. Patient education.

The number of patients who see us and are unaware of the simple oral health education areas is vast.  Even when seeing the dentist and discussing things like erosion, tooth wear and grinding, patients have little to no knowledge of basic dental treatments.  The videos in the waiting room allow patients to remind themselves of available treatments and then open discussions with staff or members of the clinical team.

  1. Marketing.  

We have this saying that “patients just don't know”.  Even if the patient attends the practice regularly, it’s still common for them not to know of some of the treatments available, such as composite bonding, Invisalign, Grinding guards etc. Most often, patients think if you are a standard family practice, that you do not offer some of these treatments and they would need to go elsewhere. Waiting Room TV allows you to market and advertise all the treatments you offer and remind patients of your offerings. 

  1. Special offers.  

We use Waiting Room TV as an opportunity to advise patients about special offers for treatments in the practice.  Usually, this means for those patients who thought things were out of their price range or have been thinking about a particular treatment, this then prompts them to start a conversation and have a consultation.

  1. Facts did you know?  

Simple statements to help drive the patients to understanding things such as "did you know you can straighten your teeth without metal braces?"  or “did you know our practice also carries out facial aesthetics treatments?" This means that patients can update their knowledge about the practice and be aware of our services or news updates.

  1. News about the practice

Patients love the personal touch. Often patients have been visiting the practice for some time, they get to know the staff and their surroundings well. Using our waiting room TV to update patients on what’s going on with the practice on a personal level, is a really nice touch. i.e “Sally is working a little less now after covid as she has had a baby.  She had a beautiful girl and we’re all so happy for her.”


Guest Author: Dr Anup Ladva

Anup Ladva graduated from Kings College London in 2002. The main focus throughout his career has been clinical dentistry. He has a strong interest in primary care and is actively involved in improving the provision of ethical and quality dental care in Essex. He is passionate about continual professional development and strongly believes that post-graduate training is vital for career growth, self-development and ensuring that practitioners are continually challenged and motivated by their chosen profession.

Anup has an interest in aesthetic dentistry and occlusal rehabilitation. He has trained with some of the world leaders in these fields and has spent time in the USA advancing his clinical and material skills. He has also completed the MJDF with the Royal College of Surgeons and is committed to lifelong learning. He has completed the Teaching qualification (GCAP) Kings College Learning Institute and has a distinction Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics MClinDent from Kings. He is an active member of AACD, SAAD, RCS and the ADO. In addition, Anup is a clinical teacher and teaches both in the UK and internationally. 

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