We’ve always believed that your website is the window to your practice. Taking the leap to pay out for a website or even, redesign your current and outdated website is a tough decision to make. There is the initial cost, plus the time and effort working with your web designer to get things right. 

The truth is it’s easy to delay making the decision … but it’s never a good idea. You’re missing opportunities if you cling on to an old design and convince yourself that you don’t need a website. Your website is how you present your practice to the world – it needs as much care and attention as something like staff training.

So, we have put together the top 4 reasons why you need to update your website, and what you can do to improve your platform:

  1. You need to make a good first impression. You’ve reached a point where you have a solid patient base but still have a few gaps in the schedule or you've recently decided to offer more advanced treatments, dental implants or cosmetic dentistry. Online marketing and advertising send people to your website as the first point of contact. If your outdated website doesn’t make a good first impression with potential patients, you’ll be wasting your marketing budget.

    Your website should be well-integrated into your marketing, with specific landing pages for the services you’re trying to sell. Potential patients are more likely to become actual patients if your marketing message is consistent with your website. Ideally, your website will work with your initiatives by explaining procedures, providing extra information, and highlighting specific actions you want patients to take.

  1. You want to attract new patients. You might not think it’s a good time to invest in a new website, but you will be hard pressed to attract new patients if your website isn’t up to scratch. Dentistry IQ recently published a study that shows you risk losing up to 44% of Internet users with a poor website.

    New patients are looking for you online. What they find when they get to your website plays a big part in their decision to choose your dental practice. If your website is dated, your potential patient might think your practice or dental techniques are dated, as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to attract new patients when you need them the most.

  1. Educating your current patients. It’s not just potential patients looking for you online; current patients also need to connect with you online. Current patients aren’t just looking for your phone number and address – they might also need to understand more about a treatment option you discussed during their last visit. Having an up-to-date website lets you speak directly to current patients and provide them with solid treatment information. Help your patients get the most out of their dental visit and their relationship with you and your staff.

  1. Moving with the times. Website design and best practices change rapidly. In 2011, only 22% of people owned a smartphone. Now, everyone has a phone – and they want to use it to research businesses, set appointments and connect with you. If your website is outdated, it might not have been optimised for a smartphone … which can lead to a poor first impression. Move with the times and make sure what you’re sharing with the public is modern and attractive.

  1. Have a cohesive marketing campaign. It’s important to have an active and educational social media presence and usually, if your customers are following your social activity they’re more than likely to click through to your website too. Therefore, it’s vital that your website stands out and maintains their attention. Create a cohesive marketing plan with your website being at the forefront of that. 

Marketing is the key to the successful growth of your business. 

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