The waiting room is a fantastic marketing opportunity. The benefits of furnishing your client space with a TV screen are multifaceted. A well-placed and well-managed TV has the potential to increase turnover by many other means, alongside direct marketing.

Your waiting room TV is a perfect opportunity to share promotional material – you have a captive audience. Reduce your clients’ perceived waiting time while simultaneously upselling other products and services. 

Throughout the year, your patients will have periods of time where they will be more inclined to spend money, and times where they simply won't. Use the changing seasons strategically to provide your patients with a comprehensive, targeted content marketing system that enhances every aspect of your business.

Seasonal content is often more memorable than regular content, making it perfect for boosting brand awareness. The season is already in the consumers' mind so your content will work naturally to create an impact.

We’ve put together 3 seasonal marketing tricks you can implement for the upcoming season:

  • It’s no secret that customer testimonials drive sales. Consumers look to each other more than ever for recommendations and quality assurance. That’s why including testimonials on your website and throughout your waiting room TV can do wonders.

But what’s better is including season-specific testimonials for popular treatments or offers depending on the season.

  • Fun, personalised content on your waiting room TV is key! It’s important for you to share a variety of content as sharing the same images and slides every time will become repetitive, boring and un-engaging for the patient. Create a playlist and make sure you add in seasonal, light hearted content. Promote yuletide whitening, wish them a Merry Christmas, share photos of your team, what you are doing within the community etc. Build up trust by making the business personable.

  • Creating a smooth user journey on your website involves helping visitors find what they’re looking for. One way to do that during specific seasons is to gather all your seasonally relevant content and promote this on your key webpages. Using video throughout your website will help to educate and engage the attention of your visitors. This rich form of information will give you much higher results than plain text.

Seasonal marketing isn’t just about offering a discount once in a while. There are many ways to get creative with seasonal marketing and drive more engagement from visitors. Take advantage of the season and customise your messages, offers, incentives, and more to the season. The results might surprise you.

Make the most of the holidays and share content that’s relevant. 

Are you adapting your content to suit the seasons? 

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